… I would open two. The first one would be called 'Grave Danger,' featuring the finest Italian cuisine, which could easily, easily rival anything coming out of Branson, Missouri. And right next door to this restaurant would be my other restaurant! Yes! And this one is going to be known as 'Mortal Peril," which would serve… I don't know, classic American? Burgers and stuff! 

Anyway, picture this:

It's Saturday night, 7:33PM. Dinner time for most. A group of diners meets at one of the restaurants, only to notice that one of their own is missing. They frantically call the guy -- they say, "Hey man! Where are you?! We're in Grave Danger!" Guy on the other line says, "Oh, no! I'm in Mortal Peril!" This conversation would happen many, many times (hopefully -- that's the intended purpose for this sad escapade in entrepreneurship). And both restaurants would most definitely fail. And I would most certainly go bankrupt. And all of this would occur faster than it took for that generous, half-smile to fade from your face. Thanks for reading. More to come. I should stick to being a pretend doctor.

Currently doing pediatrics. 


AuthorAdnan Khan