Midwestern University 

AZCOM Class of 2015

... in Latin, roughly translates to mean, "through hardships, the stars." There you see my class. AZCOM's class of 2015 -- a lovely bunch, some of the hardest working people I have come to know. I sort of remember when this was taken -- a Friday afternoon in the spring of 2012, after a long day of class (right after Ethics and Jurisprudence, maybe)? We had been instructed to bring our white coats that day because we were going to take this group picture. By that time, I had become a rather curmudgeonly and cantankerous person -- fed up with school, with first year and just burnt out from it all. It's about a year later now that I'm writing this to you. It's just as hot as it was back then, I still comb my hair to the right (a tired and uninspired style I've sported since I've had hair) and I'm still in medical school. BUT -- I'm (almost officially) a third-year now, my attitude is nowhere near as sourly and I'm actually pretty happy! Thankful, too, for having known such great people. For those not in the biz, it must seem like this blog entry is about us graduating. We're not doing that, but it kind of feels that way to me. Especially since our day-to-day is about to change very drastically. 

This feeling of departure always brings to mind the same things, no matter what it is I'm leaving behind. Whether it was high school, college, a birthday party or just a get-together -- I often wonder to myself "Man, I hope I didn't piss anyone off." Honestly. Not because I expect some evil hex to be placed on me. No -- it is my genuine hope that I never said anything to upset anyone, to bring them down, to offend them or make them feel sad. Everyone was so nice to me these past two years and while I hope I reciprocated that, I realize I often speak more than I should. And what comes out of my mouth probably should have gone through some kind of editing process beforehand. 

The reality is, I really like making people smile and figuring out the kinds of things that make them laugh. Normally, this is pretty easy to do and to be perfectly honest, I land jokes like Cessnas!


OMG. Just kidding. The reality is -- while I do enjoy making people laugh and smile, I fall flat most of the time. So often, in fact, that I now suffer a rare form of plagiocephaly of the face. 

Despite the sarcastic, smattering of applause, pity laughs and the "There there, no one laughed at your joke, it's going to be okay" pats on the back -- I'll still try! And I hope by doing so, I brighten someone's day. But going back to what I said earlier, I do mean it when I say this -- I'm sorry. Sorry if I said anything to you that may have upset you, class of 2015. It's always in jest and it's never meant to be mean. I really should be more cognizant of what I say, especially considering the field we are entering. 

Truthfully, I really did enjoy going to class with these people. That is, of course, the times when I did go to class. I came to know many of them and some of them became very good friends of mine! My hope is that I maintain at least some of these friendships I made along the way and that any one of them will feel comfortable enough to come on here and drop me a line. This is my blog -- welcome! Stay a while and leave a message if you'd like. What we are about to do as a class is really something incredible. We will learn what a joy it can be to care for someone and perhaps, we'll save a life or two along the way. You've worked very hard these past two years, class of 2015, you deserve to be proud of yourselves. Good luck on boards, on rotations, matching and being doctors. Don't forget the hardships and as corny as this most definitely is, reach for the stars! 

Per aspera Ad astra


AuthorAdnan Khan